hello perfect beauties so today I am going to be telling you top 10 ways to fall asleep fast

now I have a problem with this myself I am a night owl and I find myself going to bed a little bit later every single day so one of my new year’s resolutions that I know many of your new year’s resolutions was to go to sleep earlier and it’s actually kind of interesting because our circadian rhythm I think is a little bit like longer than 24 hours I think it’s like 24 hours and 20 minutes so the more you keep listening to your circadian rhythm and not proactively trying it to go to sleep on time the more you’re not going to go to bed on time every day

so I’m going to tell you 10 tried-and-true tips to help you fall asleep fast and fix your sleep cycle so

number one is to get rid of anxiety before bedtime,  a lot of people think about things that bother them throughout the day and I used to do this but then I started I just kind of stopped worrying so much so a way to stop worrying when you go to bed is actually just kind of schedule some worrying and stress time during your day just put a little box in your calendar for like 15 20 30 minutes and write down everything that’s bothering you or everything on your to-do list or things that you need to get done

just write it down and then put that list away and realize that you do not need to think about it because it’s already been thought about and hopefully that will help you fall asleep

number two is to switch off all your lights and turn your phone off, now this is really hard for me because I sometimes when I have insomnia I like stare at the clock and I’m like oh my god time is moving by so fast and I just can’t fall asleep so if you don’t see what time it is you won’t be like staring at the clock always waiting for it to turn

number three is to read a book that is boring, some books are my AP European history textbook I thought that was super boring or like a physics textbook or something that’s just really boring will help you fall asleep

number fourth tip is to sleep in a colder room so when you sleep in a colder room your basal body temperature will increase so that will kind of help you fall asleep

number five  is to log up all your computer electronics and put your smartphone outer reach so when you see these blue screens or these lit up screens your body creates hormones called melatonin which helps you get sleepy and regulate your sleep cycles but when you’re staring at these bright lights you won’t be able to make these sleep hormones as much so I know I’m really guilty of this but going in to check your phone or your social media channels or emails will add more stress and also prevent you from producing melatonin

number six is to drink something warm before bed always avoid anything with caffeine in it I suggest drinking things like chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk these warm drinks are comforting and raise your internal body temperature as I said before which helps us relax so we can fall asleep fast

number seven is to eat cherries or drink cherry juice specifically tart cherries are the best as a sleep aid. cherries work because they are a natural source of the sleep hormone melatonin that I talked about earlier so we can do is drink a glass of tart cherry juice in the evening or snack on those dried cherries or just get a bag of tart cherries and eat them throughout the day especially in the evening to help you fall asleep faster

number eight  is to stop having any caffeine at least eight hours before your bedtime because caffeine has a half-life of eight hours now this is really difficult for me because I’m like addicted to tea but I will maybe stop trying at like p.m.

Number nine is to try a breathing exercise so once you’re laying in bed and you’re like what do I do now I’m in bed it’s so boring breathe in through your nose for three seconds and then  out with your nose for six seconds and keep repeating until you are asleep and the last tip

number 10 is to do upper body and lower body stretches before going to bed and focus on hmm deep breathing stretching has been shown to increase the amount of deep sleep for women it also works because it helps your body relieve any tension and relaxes your muscle so you can have a night of restful sleep so these are the best tips that I have found that helped me sleep since my schedule is different each day and it can be hard to commit to a set sleep schedule so I hope this helps

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