5 Reasons You Should Be AFRAID Of The EU

so you think the EU is a nice legitimate organization that represents the interest of the European population?

think again it is not there are five reasons why you should be very afraid of the European Union

number one  the EU doesn’t represent European values that’s right the EU talks a lot about European values and it claims to be representing or somehow defending these values values such as the right to self-determination freedom of expression the concept of a nation-state and even the idea of democracy itself these are indeed European values and they are a part of our proud philosophical heritage but the thing is that the EU opposes these values

we have European Parliament right! no we haven’t, the European Parliament is not a real Parliament it is simply an advisory body it has little influence or power it cannot create or repeal legislation only the EU Commission can do this and the EU Commission is basically a select group of people who don’t necessarily need the support of the people in their own home countries to do what they’re doing in the EU it is true that the European Council consists of individuals who are elected in their own country and there is one person per Member State but there are two problems

the first problem is that representatives are bound by their oath of office to represent the general interest of the EU as a whole rather than their home country’s interest this is how the EU already undermines the interests of nation-states and therefore of the people by its very design

the second problem is that the EU itself as a separate entity does not have the support of the people

The EU rules over people without people’s consent in 2005 after the Netherlands and France voted against the establishment of the new constitution the referenda that were planned and Czech Republic Denmark Ireland Poland Portugal and United Kingdom were cancelled and they just went on with it by ignoring the will of the people

the existence of the EU is not consistent with the concept of democracy so even though the members of the European Council do have the support of their individual nation states because they are elected they do have to swear loyalty to an organisation that undermines these very same nation-states and at the same time doesn’t need to support nor permission of these nation-states to do so so by its very design the EU cannot represent European values they oppose the will of the people by their mere existence and therefore they oppose the right to self-determination and the concept of democracy

so no the EU does not represent European values

number 2  the EU doesn’t accept resistance just like the Soviet Union the European Union likes to weaken the feeling of national identity of the different types of Europeans making every member state multicultural is a great way to do this you won’t feel like you’re in France anymore if you go outside and all you can see are Islamic headscarves everywhere

so as you’ve probably noticed the EU is very obsessed with so-called diversity now Poland and Hungary don’t agree with this and therefore the EU wants to force these countries to become multicultural

this again opposes the right to self-determination of the people and the right to democracy so even though the Hungarians voted against the migration quota in October of 2016 the EU wants to literally force the Hungarians to allow Muslims in their society putting the lives of their women and children in danger

even though it is their own country it is simply disgusting something similar is happening to Poland even though the Polish have accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees,   Muslims  come to live in their country and in contrast to other European countries the Polish are being correctly represented by their governments the political party law and justice be is as the majority of the vote

the EU therefore has to find an excuse to put pressure on a Polish government and they start complaining about the fact that P is recently replaced some judges to fight corruption and even though many of the judges in Poland have been in their positions since the Communist era, it is admittedly a very shady practice but when the former polity government did exactly the same the EU did not have a problem with it because the former Poli government was a pro EU government

but now that an anti eu new government does exactly the same thing as the former government it is suddenly a problem a fun fact is that this former government was led by none other than Donald Tusk let that sink and for what number to read you an ideological bubble of people who do not like alternative viewpoints

I can totally recommend you to listen to some of the debates that take place in the European Parliament what you’ll see is that many of the people in the European Parliament seem to have an incredibly simple worldview this worldview can basically be summarized in one single sentence the EU is good and people who don’t agree with this are all populist who are driven by or related to xenophobia Islamophobia sexism fascism fake news and tolerance

these people are living in a dream world and to be frank most people in European Parliament are not intelligent at all let’s take a look and intolerance hate speakers are now even in power in some countries and hate speech is not what freedom of expression is almost any female politician will have expiry instead speech on her social media accounts it’s a widespread phenomenon that didn’t start with the Internet

it’s important not to forget that the problem the core of the problem is not social media its sexism and racism hate speech populism fake news on social media requires a European response countering all expressions of discrimination violence and intolerance is a priority for all of us we see how the social and digital media are becoming a powerful tool for propaganda populism and hate speech

facing up to new political realities such as the threat from populism to representative democracy free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most fundamental rights of people people can write and speak freely but should not abuse that right

we’ve seeing in Islamophobia the European Parliament and things like this should not be tolerated by you or me so what about the freedom of expression wasn’t that actually a European value also, apparently not the EU is currently working with social media companies to limit the freedom of expression again the general line of reasoning is incredibly simple

it goes as follows freedom of expression is important, but it should not be quote unquote misused by populist Sanna folks intolerant people and so on in other words they don’t give a damn about the freedom of expression because if they did they would also allow people to say things they don’t agree with as established by Voltaire

so first they rule over people without permission and when these people want to get rid of them they try to limit the freedom of expression, hmm what does that remind you of maybe that’s why these Eastern Europeans don’t like it

number four  the EU has an enormous budget to create fake news and revisionist history, yes the EU is probably the most power creator of fake news on the entire continent they even created an entire museum which represents their Orwellian version of European history and this museum no attention is given to Christianity and to most of the Enlightenment for the European Union

this story starts at the moment of the French Revolution not surprisingly the museum does address to carefully selected issues from before the French Revolution slavery and colonialism it has an entire room about the first and second world wars and strangely Karl Marx and socialism receive a special spot in the EU Museum, and the top floor is all about EU itself presenting it as the great solution to all the misery of the 20th century

it is actually quite funny that they don’t seem to realize that the French Revolution actually resembles what they are most afraid of themselves the people overthrowing their unelected leaders

so if you’re ever in Brussels don’t forget to visit this propaganda museum it is actually quite interesting to see

number five  the top positions are taken by radicals, that’s right the top positions in the EU are held by some incredibly radical people throughout human history the most dangerous people we’re the ones who helped grandiose ideas often about a utopia this type of people are so obsessed with their future utopia that they can’t think clearly anymore opposing arguments are not addressed anymore in an open and rational manner

but instead are shoved aside people who represent opposing ideas are usually labeled both fists proletariat’s populist now keep in mind what I just said and let’s take a look at this guy strategy of change for this European Union and why I’m talking about change I’m talking about real change not what mr.

Kemal has said is calling for he has used I think at least 10 times the word changes in but what He is calling changed im calling it blocking on progress it’s going out of the euro it’s breaking up saying it’s stalling labour mobility it’s abandoning all european come common policies so less integration less europe that’s no change that’s regressing

there’s always progression it is no what does it mean you will come serve with it well nothing yeah that’s a good that’s a good explanation but if it been anything that is mean that state is closed conservatives a status quo and that is what we don’t want with this european union today

what we are doing now is exactly the same not on economics but on the fundamental of not applying the rules closing our eyes for what is happening and no mister or boss it’s not against Hungary you have not the right to say that that these people here are fighting against a Hungarian interest

it’s the opposite is true it’s not your interest but your interest is not Hungarian interest what we are defending here is some harian democracy and the interest of the Hungarian citizens yes this is what history’s most dangerous people look like

World War two did not happen because of nation-states World War two happened because of dangerous ideologues the thing with this idea of a European globalist utopia super state it’s not that it is against these grandiose ideologies the problem is that it is too much like this type of grandiose ideologies

the EU super state is simply another version of a perfect utopia invented by some dangerous radical we can create a perfect world if only all these populist would shut up if only we could take away their freedom of expression if only we could fill in the blanks that’s how it goes people that’s how it goes so there are five reasons why you should be afraid of the EU number one the EU does represent European values number two EU doesn’t accept resistance number three tu is an ideological bubble of people who don’t like alternative viewpoints number four the EU has an enormous budget to create fake news and revisionist history and number five the top positions are taken by dangerous radicals and especially the combination of these five things is recipe for real disaster this is Paul from the bait the lobsters come if you like the content please subscribe or consider supporting my work through patreon and most importantly never stop debating the left on Islam. take care…..

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