£50m for grammar schools to take in more kids from low income backgrounds

The government are doing something positive on education – they’re giving £50m to grammar schools to ensure more children from lower income backgrounds can get a high quality education.

Damian Hinds announced the Selective Schools Expansion Fund and this £50m is just the first chunk of a £200m fund which could see up to 16,000 extra grammar places dished out during the next 4 years.

He said: “It’s not impossible to do that, this is not a case of prescribing from the Department for Education a system for doing it, it’s a case of saying to schools what can you do in your local area to widen the net and make sure as many children as possible who can really benefit from that education are able to do so.

“It’s a question of more children from more backgrounds having a chance to access that education where we know that progress can be very good for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and the gap in performance can close faster as a result of going to a selective school.”

Anything that bridges the gap between rich and poor and levels the playing field for children of all backgrounds gets a big thumbs up from Westmonster.

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