A Word To The Google Feminists


A Word To The Google Feminists

This message is for all feminists working for social media, especially for those working at YouTube, but first I want to talk briefly, if that is allowed, about censorship.

Because I think it’s amazing how quickly YouTube has changed: from ‘Send yourself’ to ‘Block yourself or you will be removed’. It seems as if the club is no longer pretending tolerance and diversity still has some tolerance for various opinions and now publicly censors political views rejected by them. It happens so often and with so many people that the term ‘YouTube’ and ‘censorship’ now just as well as ‘Islamic’ and ‘terrorism’, or as ‘migrant’ and ‘rape’ or as ‘Marxism’ and ‘dictatorship’.

They roll out of the mouth together, arm in arm, forever the best friends. What a nice way to poison your own brand. They even have a video of it the Polish government censored the refugee crisis until they publicly embarrassed that he was available again.

Poland wants to put its own population first, and not behind, as in all other countries in western Europe, and someone at YouTube did not approve of that.

Someone to YouTube who has never done anything in life, except staring at a screen, on a keyboard tapping and masturbating, it disagreed with the political position of the Polish government and thus became censored the video.

And that’s the way it is now. To be honest, they do not censor everything. At least not yet. You can still see enough videos about hitting your wife within Islam, if you like that. If you are a Muslim and you want to know how to beat your wife accordance with your religion of peace, you can find detailed instructions on YouTube, in videos that have been shown for years and hundreds of thousands of times have been watched, because the people who are involved YouTube works do not have a problem with the use of violence against women, as long as it is Islamic.

The people who draw attention to that are the problem. People like me, apparently. Although recently, when YouTube censored my video “A Chat for the Criminal Migrant,” they are there involuntarily attracted attention and gave him more publicity than if she had him alone had left and since then he has been viewed more than one hundred thousand times on other sites.

So I think I should really thank the social justice bedbug of YouTube that that special button has turned around. Although, the video remains available in limited mode, behind bars, in the YouTube prison actually, where he is invisible on the site without direct link and not included or can be shared. It does not matter much to me.

I do not care about YouTube. I do not earn anything with the videos and they can be seen elsewhere on the internet, but I am disappointed about having censored a video that was translated into nineteen languages, because people apparently thought that there was something valuable to listen to.

But, unfortunately, the video drew attention to the big taboo, the illegal invasion from the Third World in Europe and the huge increase in rapes and assaults affecting the public domain in Europe constantly poisoning for women and girls.

He also pointed to the criminal rigs responsible for that, the criminal rape culture that they take with them and the criminal politicians who let them in, including the female politicians who know very well what the consequences are for women, but who do not intend to to stop invasion. Thanks to them, it is life for women in Sweden and Germany deteriorated forever. In two of the once safest, civilized countries of Europe many women are afraid to go outside alone at night, and rightly so.

At the same time there are countries in Central Europe that have not opened their borders to the fake refugees, a completely different outcome, and Poland is recently the safest country for women in Europe explained, almost every day we hear something about a new violent sexual cruelty in Sweden or in Germany There have been so many gang rapes in Malmo, Sweden that citizens have gone to patrol, but in vain. There will soon be a new rape, maybe tomorrow or the day after, in Sweden or in Germany, a woman or child by men from the third world who are illegal in Europe and who will not receive the right punishment and can not be deported, because they, in contrast to their victims, claim human rights.

So I’m curious how the women working at YouTube think about it and what they think about the censoring of information about it. Maybe you think it’s fine. It does not happen to you. What do you care? And we would not have to do it for you either expect, because we know that everyone at YouTube is a progressive feminist and none real feminist, especially the men, if they know what’s right for them. Right, guys? Do not forget your cat hats, to protect your puffy heads.

Because, you know, YouTube is from Google and we know through details of a current lawsuit about discrimination that Google internally poisonous, ultra-progressive feminists bubble is full of hysterical quail and safe space paranoia where you have to set your moral compass at the door if you want to survive.

So we can not expect much from the people who work there. If they could do something, they would do not work there. We know that they are of the kind fragile flowers that are instinctively if piranhas would throw at their own colleague if that were the mistake to give a constructive opinion, while crying and groaning like babies do not feel safe, so that he can be fired. We know that there are people in important positions that keep up black lists about colleagues they do not agree with and whose career they want sabotage.

So we know how low the moral bar lies with Google. And we know that we are dealing with emotional and intellectual wrongs. And that, despite all bullshit diversity rhetoric the Google workforce for the most part consists of men. Well, they are registered as a man then. About a third is a woman.

And then of course there is also a fashionable company of indecisive neurots those thinking think they want to be something they are not. But, although women at Google are in the minority, We know that you have all the influence, because the men are ballless miracles that are terrified are to be fired because of sexism and thus do everything they get instructed.

So if any of you women feel a dash of your conscience that goes beyond one hashtag or a like, then you could do something really feminist for the first time.

You would time out can take from your persecuting colleagues and recognize the rape epidemic that the public poison for women and everyone at Google can point to this and for the change once to do the right thing and bring the truth to light. And with that the situation help to improve, instead of deteriorate, as you do now.

You women from the social media have more power than other people to point out to women in Europe the violent nightmare who is coming for them and especially for their daughters, instead of leaving them in ignorance until it is too late is by censoring information from your privileged Silicon Valley safe space.

But, as I said, we do not expect many of you women, because we know that right and wrong have been taught to you and that you really think the world is about you and your personal neuroses are running.

But perhaps there are one or two of you who are not all have lost decency and can help us with something specific.

Because you know, German women have had enough of all rapes and the unwillingness of politicians to deal with them and they have started a protest movement called 120 Decibels.

That is the volume of one rape alarm, a basic equipment nowadays in Germany. And they have posted a video about this on YouTube and about how they have to walk at rush rods every day. I will quote a few statements: “The perpetrators are everywhere.

When we jog in the park, when we come back from work, if we wait for the bus, we are not safe. ” End of quote. It is no longer safe for women in Germany and soon it is nowhere safe for them in Europe.

Women have to know this. And they must know why. So I am adding a link for you, Google feminists, so you can personally ensure that there is no jerky social justice half sole from YouTube this one video is trying to censor. And, if you can find the courage, you can even share it on Facebook. Instead of that photo of your meal, you know ?. Championing what is good is not that difficult, girls. It is only unknown territory for you.

But everyone must start somewhere and who knows, maybe we will not laugh at you anymore out loud if you call yourself a feminist..

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