Asylum seekers stone police during Bavarian reception centre riot

A criminal investigation has been opened in Germany after a riot broke out at a Bavarian refugee centre over a dispute about fridges.

According to German media, staff at the centre removed illegally connected fridges from the rooms of the asylum seekers, citing a decree from the German Government which says they were a fire risk, which caused a 24-year-old resident to hit out at the centre’s security.

Police were called to calm the situation down and they promptly took him into custody.

Later that evening, tensions were running high among the residents, sparking a full-blown riot which left a 29-year-old in a serious condition.

Police returned to the centre, where they were reportedly attacked with sticks, stones and bottles as they tried to get the situation under control.

Police say they have launched a criminal investigation into the attempted killing.

The government of Upper Bavaria announced that from now on, 10 permanent security guards would be deployed around the clock at the facility.

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