#BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis roasts Alastair Campbell over Tony Blair ‘lies’

Mr Davis told the former spin-doctor to “stop blaming everybody else” after the 60-year-old attempted to shift fault onto the media for a “corrosion of trust”.

The BBC presenter asked: “Did the old political establishment of which you were such a big part in communication terms, did you create a hostile environment to truth over many, many years that if you laid a groundwork in which the political establishment had very little trust capital in the bank?”

Mr Campbell responded: “I really don’t think so, no.

“I think that if you look at the whole time that I was doing the job with Tony Blair, I think that the reason it became so controversial was because actually the media was changing so fast.

“The media landscape was changing out of all recognition.

“I do think that the real corrosion of trust has come from the fact that most spin these days actually comes from journalists and that is now ventilated by social media where everybody can do the same.”

The diversion from the former spokesman and campaign director promoted an outburst from the BBC presenter who exclaimed “don’t blame everybody else” as Mr Campbell desperately attempted to put an answer together.

Mr Campbell added Russia was “much faster” to implement tactics that distort the truth and declared that similar actions have taken place in the UK.

The former spokesman blasted Brexit for having been won “by an awful lot of lying” as he attempted to promote his Remoaner views on the BBC show.

He went on: “I think the Russians were onto this much faster and I think they were onto it from the perspective that it could benefit them and the whole concept of hybrid warfare that certainly our intelligence agencies and military have been talking about for some time.

“I think they felt we were very much behind the game.

“Here, having had Brexit, frankly won by an awful lot of lying and the liars then promoted to senior positions.

“We are all driven further and further into our own little concentric bubbles.”

Mr Davis then interrogated Mr Campbell on whether he ever told a direct lie during his time under Tony Blair.

He asked: “Did you ever lie, did you ever tell a direct lie? You never ever told a direct lie to the media?”

Mr Campbell declared he had never lied to a member of the media but admitted that he “sometimes didn’t say everything” that a journalist wanted.

He commented: “No, because when I was doing briefings for example I felt the same pressure that Tony Blair felt when he was at the dispatch box.

“You sometimes didn’t say everything journalists wanted you to.”

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