‘Betrayed’ ‘Ignored’ Westmonster’s followers give their verdict on May’s handling of Brexit

Yesterday we asked Westmonster’s followers on Twitter what they made of Theresa May’s handling of Brexit.

They didn’t hold back!

Lisa de Darston said that she had “hung on and on” for the Prime Minister to take tough action, but now she just wanted “real committed Brexiteers to take control”.

Phillipa Basnett feels that “our vote to Leave is being ignored” and that May “is bowing to the EU with no real effort to carry out our wishes”

Kev said that he felt “betrayed, betrayed, betrayed”.

Scotty isn’t happy either, saying: “Absolutely rubbish. The way things are going we aren’t ever leaving the EU. #notwhativotedfor”

And even though he’s a Conservative supporter, Tom was furious: “Lifelong Tory. If they treat us as fools and betray us then I will not vote for them again.”

The likes of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and others should take note, as should Theresa May herself.

any are growing furious with the government’s slow-motion sell-out. The electoral consequences could be huge. Independence must be delivered, no excuses.

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