#Brexit news: #BBC host accuses Remainer MP of giving EU an ‘open goal’

The MP claimed amending a final deal is not part of a Remainer plot to block Brexit as he called for Britain to remain tied to the EU through a Noway-style Brexit agreement.

David Davis revealed on Wednesday that MPs could reject a final Brexit deal, which would mean the UK would have to go back to Brussels to negotiate. 

Hosting BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight, Ms Shah said: “As David Davis pointed out to you today, if you were to send the Government back to Brussels for another round of renegotiation, it would leave them in a very weak position. You are essentially allowing Brussels an open goal.”

In response, Mr Kinnock said: “There are a number of models for Brexit. This has always been the case. Even though the Government has tried to deny it. There is a Norway style deal, EEA, EFTA.” 

The host hit back and said a Norway style deal would involve paying in “huge amounts of money” and still being a “rule taker” after Brexit.

In response, Mr Kinnock said the Government had made a “complete mess” of Brexit and claimed it is “time to get real”.

He added: “The Government is still faffing around on trying to find a solution to the Northern Ireland issue.

“We are going to have to come forward with a model that works in terms of single market, customs union, the services economy and the Northern Ireland issue and in my view that, right from the beginning, clearly has been the Norway option.”

Norway is a member of the European Free Trade Association meaning Oslo pays for access to the single market. EFTA includes Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Norway is also a member of the European Economic Area which provides the free movements of persons, goods, services and capital within the single market.

Brexit Secretary refused to rule out whether the Government will renegotiate a final Brexit deal.

Appearing before the European Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, Mr Davis was asked by Mr Kinnock what would happen if Parliament rejected a Brexit deal and demanded a “meaningful amendment” to the agreement.

Mr Kinnock asked the Brexit Secretary: “If a meaningful amendment is to be on the table and the government is to respect that amendment, which by definition is what makes it meaningful, a very meaningful amendment would be that we want to have a deal with the EU but we don’t think the deal government has brought back from Brussels is satisfactory and we, therefore, instruct government to go back and get another deal.

“Are you saying to us today, confirming, the government would do that?”

Mr Davis replied: “I am not going to speculate what government will do in response to an amendment which has not yet been laid let alone passed by the House.”

He added: “As a practical matter I’m not entirely sure how much force a government sent back with its tail between its legs by parliament would have in such a negotiation – but that’s a different matter.”

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