Brexit news: British businesses DESPERATE for Donald Trump trade deal

will make his long-awaited trip on July 13 and will be treated as a working visit rather than a state occasion.

Thousands of Brits have already signed up to protest against the US President but British small businesses have outlined how significant a trade deal with America could be after .

Speaking exclusively to at the beginning of April, Mike Cherry the National Chairman of the Federation for Small Business outlined exactly what small business are demanding.

He said: “The US is the single most important country that our members export to, and we need to see that continue.

“Also we need to be opening up future markets for our members whether it be goods, products or services can look to increase their businesses by looking overseas. Actually we have a further fifth who are looking to that.

“They are looking to grow their businesses not just with the US but with other overseas markets outside of the EU.

“Let’s not forget we need to concentrate on the EU as the single most important bloc for the majority of our members that currently export.”

Mr Cherry also described the prospect of Britain being able to sign trade deals in the implementation period as “imperative”.

He said: “I think that it is absolutely imperative that we have this ability to sign trade deals in the implementation and it is good that the Government have negotiated that position.

“Clearly it does give more certainty to our members to enable them to get on and do the trading they need to do to grow their businesses.”

President Trump’s trip to the UK was pushed back to this year following the threat of mass protests.

Theresa May extended the invitation of a state visit when she met him in Washington at the start of the year in 2017, days after his inauguration.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tweeted that the visit was “fantastic news”.

President Trump has previously said that he would like to quickly sign a trade deal with the UK, once Britain has fully cut ties with Brussels.

The National Chairman of the Federation for Small Business also highlighted the significance of ensuring a trade deal is agreed with the EU.

“We have over a fifth of our members who currently export into overseas markets,” he said.

“Over 90 percent of those do some trade with the EU so it is a critical market and around 60 percent want to see that continue in the future whatever the outcome of the negotiations.

“As a single country though it is also important that the UK is able to negotiate deals with other countries and the US comes out as one of the most important ones but also emerging markets, South America, Australia, China and other English speaking countries.”

This week Brexit Secretary David Davis said he thought that it was likely the UK and EU would agree a free trade agreement as he answered questions from the Exiting the European Union Committee.

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