Brexit News: Dimbleby intervenes in Brexit debate over vocal Remainer support from crowd

Jonathan Dimbleby had to awkwardly explain that the BBC Any Question’s audiences are “self-selecting” following deafening cheers in response to an anti-Brexit speech.

Last night’s panel programme took place in Sevenoaks, Kent which saw 54 percent of the town’s voters back Brexit during the 2016 EU referendum. 

However, a defiant speech from Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ed Davey proposing a vote to overturn Brexit sparked loud cheers and applause from the audience for nearly ten seconds. 

Dimbleby waited until the audience was quiet again before explaining that the audience’s views were not selected by the BBC. 

He said: “I should say two things. This audience is self-selecting, it is not scientifically selected by us, it is people who belong here, who want to come to this programme and have a variety of views and you hear them.

“I just also say that in Sevenoaks during there referendam, 54 percent voted Brexit.”

The huge cheers from the crowd followed an attack on the Brexit vote from Sir Ed who speaks for the Liberal Democrats on Home Affairs.

The MP had slammed the move towards a customs union with the EU, which many Remainer politicians back.

He argued this would see Britain become a rule-taker, without any formal role of any kind in any trade deals the EU strikes. 

Dimbleby claimed that Sir Ed sounded “as if the only serious solution to the Brexit concerns was to remain inside the EU”.

To rapturous applause, the Liberal Democrat responded: “It is, and I very much regret the decision taken. 

“As a Liberal Democrat I see the Conservatives making a complete mess of Brexit.

“It’s more complicated, it is more costly, it is taking longer, and it is creating hostilities where there weren’t before.

“If we could think again, after these negotiations end with whatever deal, the people should have the final say, that’s Liberal Democrat policy.”

Responses on Twitter agreed that “the voice for Remain was very loud in the audience tonight”.

A Remain-backing user said: “The audience is selected by the venue from people who want to turn up. Shouldn’t the Leavers get out a bit more?”

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