Erdoğan warns of ‘holy war’ after Austria shuts down 7 mosques

Turkey’s President Erdoğan has warned of a ‘holy war’ in Austria after the government closed down seven extremist mosques and began proceedings to deport 40 imams.

“Austria’s decision to close down mosques is leading the world towards a war between the Crusaders and the Crescent,” the Islamist wannabe dictator said in a speech in Istanbul last night.

“They want to throw out our religious representatives from Austria. That means we will also take action,” he added, without elaborating further.

Last week, the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, moved to close down seven foreign-funded mosques with links to extremists and expel their imams.

“Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation have no place in our country,” he said.

“We are only just getting started.”

The measures were introduced following a study by the Interior Ministry, who had been looking into all organisations operating under the Turkish religious authority.

Turkish Islamic organisations have sparked outrage internationally after making children participate in mock Turkish military parades, in full army uniforms – complete with mock guns.

Last month, supporters of the extremist “Gray Wolves” militias took to the streets of Belgium to host a parade.

Zuhal Demir, the Belgian Equality Minister (who herself has Kurdish roots) took to social media to say: “Not a single politician of Turkish origin dares to say openly that children are being paraded under a fascist flag. They shiver for fear of defending democracy against the influence of the Turkish dictatorship. I call sp.a. and the CD & V to take action against people from their party who support dictators ”

In April, a Turkish mosque in Germany also caused controversy after hosting a re-enactment of a parade which celebrates a battle seen as ‘a victory of Islam over Western Crusaders’ by the Turkish government.

Images show children, reportedly aged between four and seven, wearing Turkish military uniforms, carrying toy guns and lying down ‘dead’ underneath a gigantic Turkish flag.

CDU district chairman Tim Ostermann slammed the performance, saying he finds it “highly problematic that children are instrumentalised”.

“This blatantly contradicts any attempt at integration,” he added.

Erdoğan held an election rally in Bosnia a few weeks back in which he called on European Turks to “show their strength to the world”.

He told the crowd, who welcomed him to the stage with  ‘thunderous chants’ of Allahu Akbar:  “The European countries that claim to be the cradles of democracy have failed.

“European Turks must show their strength to the whole world…You need to be in those Parliaments instead of the ones who betray our country.”

The Leader of the Bosniak Party of Democratic Action, Bakir Izetbegovic, told media ahead of the event “Erdogan was sent by Allah”.

It is estimated that more than 15,000 Turks travelled to the Bosnian capital for the rally, with some spending 24 hours on coaches to reach Sarajevo from places as far as Belgium.

Last year, Erdoğan told reporters at an event in Ankara that Turkey joining the EU would cure the bloc’s “chronic problems.”

“A Europe without Turkey is only going to face isolation, desperation and civil strife. Turkey does not need Europe. Europe is the one that is in need (of Turkey),” he said.

“Though they do not want to see it, Turkey and its full membership is the cure for their chronic problems,” he added.

Why has the European Union handed billions to a country led by this nutter?

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