EU ‘wants to extend Brexit transition period by 6 months’

The EU reportedly wants to add an extra 6 months to the Brexit transition period…it’s almost like the don’t want the UK cash cow to leave at all.

European Commission figures apparently want the 6 month delay so they have more flexibility and time to implement customs changes.

Given the fact Theresa May doesn’t appear to have made her mind up on what customs arrangement she wants, it’s likely some UK figures want an extension too.

But this all just means Britain staying in the EU for longer, essentially.

A source told The Independent: “Of course they are aware of the sensitivity around the issue in London, but it is about giving the commission more leeway if needed, at the end of the transition to get things in place.”

Any delay should be a worry for Brexiteers. The people voted to leave and that’s what they expect to happen. The delay just smacks of a last ditch attempt to postpone Brexit in the hope something will change and the UK will stay.

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