EU ‘will push for UK to keep open borders for deal’

The European Union are set to demand that freedom of movement continues.

That’s right, the British public voted to end open border mass EU migration. But The Sunday Times reckon that the EU are set to drop a grenade into the negotiations by demanding that the current arrangement on migration continues in return a trade deal.

It would be a stunningly arrogant move and one aimed at dividing the government, with some Ministers said to be in favour of so-called ‘preferential access’ for EU migrants moving forward.

New Home Secretary Sajid Javid is said to have rejected such plans – but it is blatantly obvious that the EU are now set to ratchet up the pressure on this.

The British government must be absolutely clear: the UK is taking back control of its borders and freedom of movement must end.

If this ultra-hardline route is the one Michel Barnier and others want to go down, then the government must walk away. Let’s hope Theresa May has the guts to do so – selling out on this simply isn’t an option.

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