Facebook Caught Stuffing Anti-Trump, Click-Bait, Sensationalism, ‘Democracy’ Meddling Headlines In Trending Topics

Liberating Elder – Facebook has been using the excuse that conservative media outfits are not fit for their platform because they post ‘sensational’ & click-bait headlines.  Today Facebook decided to show everyone just how the click-bait/sensational/misleading/democracy meddling headline was really done.

Just moments ago I looked at the ‘trending’ section in the Facebook sidebar on my desktop.  Here is what I saw: “Mike Pompeo: Pompeo Confirms Hundreds Of Russians Killed In U.S. Attack On Syria’ Wow, holy crap, Trump just threatened Russia: ‘Get Ready’ For U.S. Missiles Striking Syria” after the world accused Assad, once again, of gassing his own people.  Here is Trump’s warning on Twitter:

So, knowing that Trump has been beating the war drums and threatening to bomb Russians in Syria, anyone following the news is on edge.  We are all waiting for this proxy war in Syria to develop into the next world war, with Russia on one side and us on the other.  Then you look at your Facebook feed, knowing Facebook to be beyond reproach and the arbiter of truth and fiction, you see this headline: Mike Pompeo: Pompeo Confirms Hundreds Of Russians Killed In U.S. Attack On Syria’.  Your blood pressure spikes, your pupils dilate, your heart rate doubles, then you click the link to see more:

Gulp! Oh no, this is an article from MSM.com, that’s part of the mainstream media, that means there is a 100% chance this is true!  The subtext reads “President Trump’s nominee to serve as Secretary of State confirmed Thursday that “a couple hundred Russians were killed” by U.S. forces…” You start to worry about ICBMs and how much peanut butter you have, do you have enough water, guns, bullets … which pet you will eat first if it comes down to it.  So you click the link and land on this page …

Thanks be to God, we are saved … turns out this happened … months ago.  However, you wouldn’t know this unless you click through to the article.  This is exactly what Facebook says we should not do, yet they are doing it themselves.  The intro to the MSM article just happened to be written so that the information that would preview in a Facebook post would leave readers thinking this was happening now, that a regional crisis was on the verge of exploding into thermonuclear war.

When Facebook tells publishers to reduce the ads on their sites at the same time they super saturate their platform with ads.  When Facebook tells us to cut back on attention grabbing headlines that leave out crucial information from the title, they feature the most egregious examples in their trending section.  I’m not here to tell Facebook how to run their business other than suggest they follow these 2 principles: Do not interfere with people’s political speech, and apply your rules evenly. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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