Far-left group has serious plans to disrupt #FreeTommy rally in London today

Today’s protest to free Tommy Robinson, that will take place in London, will face organised resistance of at least one far-left group. The “Stand Up To Racism” (SUTR) initiative, calls Robinson a ‘violent racist’ and made a counter-protest event on Facebook. 

The far-left resistance group is clearly planning to disrupt today’s march, that takes place at 15:00 UTC+01 in London, to call for the release of Tommy Robinson from jail. In a statement on their homepage SUTR writes:

“We believe we cannot allow Robinson, a violent racist, to become the focus for a new far right street movement.”

The group further calls ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-fascists’ to join them in their counter demo against what they refer to as the ‘racist and fascist far right’. They have a well organised group signing a statement to stand up to ‘racism’.

Their continued labelling anyone who values free speech and those who are fighting against the EU’s attempts to replace our culture with another, has not masked their concern that the growing forces of those willing to protest and stand for our country will use what happened to Tommy as a pivot point in whether we stay home or go out in protest.

I would urge anyone in London able to go out tomorrow and join the peaceful march to do so. Be careful, but be there.

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