Farage: ‘Dishonest David Miliband should go back to New York’

Nigel Farage has hit out at ‘dishonest’ David Miliband for returning to British politics in a bid to shamelessly thwart the will of the people.

It comes after Miliband made a return alongside Nick Clegg and Nicky Morgan in a bid to prevent Brexit.

Farage said: “Miliband is back and he’s telling us that if we were to leave the Customs Union and the Single Market it would be an economic catastrophe. He now defines a hard Brexit as anything that isn’t full regulatory alignment with the European Union.

“That is a completely dishonest interpretation of the Brexit result and he along with Sir Nick and Nicky Morgan are trying their best to take away from the British people the victory they won in Brexit.

“It’s dishonest David, as far as I’m concerned, go back to New York and enjoy yourself.”


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