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The highly-anticipated IG report was released today.

The report focused on the FBI and DOJ’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

The damage to the already disgraceful reputation of the politicized FBI is worse than many imagined, and it’s so bad, that the FBI is in a state of panicked “damage control.”

Director Wray has just announced that all employees will now be forced to undergo “biased” training, in hopes they do not have more agents who try and sway political elections.

From Washington Times

The FBI will make its employees undergo bias training, Director Christopher Wray promised Thursday, in one of a number of steps he said they’ll take to try to prevent a repeat of problems that plagued the bureau during the 2016 election.

Mr. Wray made the promise in response to the new inspector general’s report detailing the stream of text messages from two top FBI employees during the campaign.

In one newly released email Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok told a paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, that they would “stop” then-candidate Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Mr. Page wanted reassurance that Mr. Trump wouldn’t win the election. Mr. Strzok replied: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

The new report said that while bias didn’t appear to affect the big decisions in the handling of the initial investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices, they couldn’t rule out a role for bias in pushing the FBI to focus on the Russia probe in October 2016, rather than go back to review a new set of emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, who was married to Mrs. Clinton’s top personal aide, Huma Abedin.

Mr. Wray said he’s ordered a review of FBI procedures and how agents mix their political duties with personal opinions.

“It will further include political bias training,” he said.

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