Government could keep UK in EU Customs Union beyond 2021

In a move that is sure to anger Brexiteers, the British government are apparently ready to tell the European Union that they are prepared to remain in the EU Customs Union beyond 2021.

The new plan to potentially scupper any prospect of an independent UK trade policy for years to come confirms the kind of dither and delay that many Brexiteers feared, with Ministers signing off on the new approach, according to The Telegraph.

There were apparently objections from the likes of David Davis, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove though the measure still got through.

If technology isn’t ready for the new customs arrangement then the UK will stay in the Customs Union, with 2023 already being touted as an end date.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has once again stuck up for Brexiteers and said: “We have gone from a clear end point, to an extension, to a proposed further extension with no end point.”

He went on to say: “People voted Leave, they did not vote for a perpetual purgatory.”

Patience is wearing thin now. Time after time we’re seeing delays and excuses. Many will now be furious. Who can blame them?

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