Hezbollah flags allowed fly in London yet again

The utter hypocrisy and outright weakness of the British government on extremism was laid bare for all to see this weekend as scores of people were allowed to march through London waving the flag of a designated terror group.

Hezbollah supporters were allowed to parade through the streets – it’s military wing classed as a terror group in Britain, so presumably its supporters shouldn’t be allowed to wave their disgusting flag?

Here are all the countries that class Hezbollah as a terror group:

There are also deep-seated anti-Semitic elements of Hezbollah. So this government seems content to allow a racist, terrorist organisation to promote itself in the capital. Ridiculous.

What a weak, overly tolerant country Britain has become. Surely we all remember the London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt who was videos unfurling an ISIS flag in Regent’s Park and was actually in a documentary called Jihadi Next Door…clearly no lessons have been learnt.

The utterly brilliant Maajid Nawaz attended a counter-rally…

Nawaz spoke out against the Hezbollah flag, which has a symbol of a gun on it, saying it represents aggression.

How weak and pathetic is the British government? Police and politicians will stand idly by while a supporters of this disgusting group stroll through the streets of the capital. Britain is too tolerant.

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