How To Legally & Peacefully Avoid Paying For A TV Licence 2018

For the last five years I perfectly legally haven’t had a UK TV licence and I’ve saved a fortune and not given the BBC any of my money

so I thought I’d make this video just to tell you how I did it how you can do it and some of the experiences I’ve had along the way.

why do you need a TV licence well if you watch any broadcast TV you need a TV licence not just BBC if you watch sky and you play Discovery as it’s being broadcast in in licence same for virgin and all of those ones that come into your house the difference is the licence fee the money you pay doesn’t go to any of those people it only goes to the BBC but if you stop paying your Sky subscription they’ll just cut your sky off and you can’t watch the channels but if you stop paying the BBC licence fee you’ll get a massive fine maybe more

I didn’t ask for the BBC to come to my house and display their programs on my TV I don’t want them but you don’t have a choice if you watch any broadcast either you have to pay you TV licence

it’s ridiculous but when I first moved into this flat I canceled my sky subscription to my old property and I was just sitting here with normal broadcast channels I was realize I was never watching it I had a Roku box which I watched most of my stuff on our stream Netflix and things on it and I have a laptop plugged into my telly and now makes me stream stuff off websites or wherever I do I don’t watch any broadcast TV really now one of the things you will see if you look on YouTube how to avoid the TV licence loads of argumentative videos when the inspector comes to the door and there’s people filming them with their phones and Gengar being cocky and swearing at them

I don’t want anything to do with any of that so I thought I’m going to do it I’m sure going to do perfectly legally and I’m gonna do it my way so after looking into a bit I found myself on a TV Licensing website an exemption page and there’s a form you can fill in I’m going to put the link to the form in the description so that’s one of the things you’re going to need to fill in if you don’t want a TV licence anymore now by filling in the form you declare that you don’t watch any broadcast TV or take into any BBC content through the radio or through online if you don’t fill the form in you’re fine you’re perfectly legal so you fill the form in you’ve said you don’t watch any live broadcast TV you’ve said you don’t stream any BBC content online what happens next well for me I got a letter and it just said thank you for saying you don’t need a TV license this exemption last two years we may or may not send someone to your property and I’ve seen all those videos on YouTube and don’t ever look for some yourself now there’s loads of people who really argumentative with the TV licence people when they knock on their door swearing at them and filming them and stuff I didn’t want any part of that that’s not who I want to be you know I don’t like them they’re doing a job but there’s still people so but I was worried if one would turn up and one did one day there was a knock on my door went downstairs to open it introduced himself as from TV Licensing I went home no I didn’t have a camera to film him so there was nothing I didn’t know what was gonna go on but he was quite a pleasant chat and he said see done watch TV they know him yeah watch loads of TV but I don’t watch any BBC I don’t watch any live TV I said I’ve done my research I know why I’m allowed to watch I know why I’m not I’m perfectly legal mate you can’t touch me and he laughed like you’ve heard it a million times when all right thanks a lot anyway a couple of days Erica another letter saying thank you your exemption has been accepted we’ll be in touch in two years two years passed all they asked me to do was fill the form it again simple what happened to do that it’s been about eight months since they did the form last that’s the second time I’ve had to fill it in and no one’s come I’ve had a letter saying thank you we’ve accepted your exemption we’ll be in touch in two years that’s it it’s easy so as long as you know what you are allowed to what do it you can legally exempt yourself from the TV license fee you don’t have to worry about people coming to your door if you don’t have the confidence or you don’t want to say to them look I don’t watch being said votes if you open the door and they say hello I’m from TV Licensing you just get by close the door you’re perfectly entitled to do that your property you don’t have to talk to them they’re already here to test you to see if you’re watching telly so you just close the door and a lot of people do I wouldn’t go sort of filming them and swearing at them and being horrible in general just go be polite so by close the door a lot of other things that people worry about are the detective ads my mum said this to me shows why I should detective an parks outside your house then you’ll be in trouble mum detective hands bollocks it’s an urban myth that it’s not possible for someone to detect what you’re watching in 2017 it’s impossible everything’s digitally delivered and they don’t know whether you’re getting it through sky whether you get it through Virgin when you’re streaming it online impossible they cannot tell what you’re watching so you don’t have to worry about that I use my exemption legally I genuinely do not watch any broadcast TV and I do not consume any BBC content but if you’re looking to do it in a dishonest light one thing I would say is make sure that your TV can’t be seen through a window in your house or if you open the front door don’t you TV’s not on view because if you open the door to one of the licensed people waiver they’re called and he looks through it when he sees you’re watching Coronation Street or something that’s it it’s over you’re gonna get a fine you shouldn’t have done it or if he’s just walking up to your house and he can see through your living room window that you’re watching homes under the hammer that’s it your banker right so if you are gonna be dodgy about it and I’m not telling you to do it I do mind legitimately I think everybody should but there are some people out there that want to dodge the licence fee and still watch going things so just be careful and you know on your head be it if you have any questions and you probably do I’m pretty good and I’m pretty quick at replying so leave all your questions below and I’ll answer Emma’s as best I can you know I’m quite passionate about people not paying the license fee I’m never going to pay mine again I will burn my TV down before I give the BBC any more of my money so yeah leave your questions below I’ll answer them as best I can if I can’t answer em I’ll find someone who can and that’s it thanks for watching

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