Hungary: Assisting illegal immigration should be a criminal offence

Hungary’s Interior Ministry has said it wants to make the organisation and facilitation of illegal immigration a criminal offence.

Károly Kontrát, Parliamentary State Secretary for the Interior, said the measure would be a central pillar in the country’s ‘Stop Soros’ legislation.

“Hungary and Christian culture must be protected from illegal migration,” he said.

Kontrát revealed the country would create a new offence in the Penal Code which would make it possible to ‘take effective and successful action against the organisation of illegal immigration,’ according to a statement released on the Government’s website.

The goal would be to ‘punish organisational activities which are capable of enabling people coming from countries where they are not exposed to a direct threat to institute asylum proceedings’.

He said: “If a person also assists illegal immigration with financial means or is engaged in such activities on a regular basis, it will qualify as an aggravating circumstance.

“The organisation of the monitoring of the border, the preparation and distribution of information materials and the building of networks will qualify in particular as organisational activities.

“Assisting illegal immigration as a criminal offence would be punishable by imprisonment, and anyone perpetrating such an act may be banned from within an eight-kilometre zone of the border.”

The Secretary said the implementation of the ‘Stop Soros’ plan was a struggle against opponents, but the government were determined to see it through.

“During the period ahead we will have to fight the mandatory quotas planned by Brussels, and we will also have to prepare for the fact that millions are about to move to Europe from Africa and the Middle East,” he said.

And today Merkel looks to have backed down over the EU migrant quota issue – a victory for national sovereignty!

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