IDS backs Davis: ‘Imperative we don’t have open-ended commitment to EU, need early end date’

Brexit Minister David Davis is said to be annoyed, to say the least, with Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

The ‘backstop’ scenario will mean the UK being hooked elements of and aligned with the EU and the proposal on offer doesn’t even set a concrete date for the arrangement to end, meaning it could go on in perpetuity. That isn’t independence.

Davis is said to have pushed back heavily and there are now even whispers of a resignation. Will the Brexiteer make a last stand?

Former Conservative Leader Iain Duncan Smith has backed him, telling Bloomberg: “It’s imperative that we don’t leave an open ended commitment.

“The government’s Chief Negotiator is David Davis, and he wants to have an end date. We should support him and ensure there is an early end date.”

The more we see detail of the government’s plan, the more there is to worry about.

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