Italian police arrest a Bosnian with big arsenal of assault weapons who was heading for Barcelona

A 54-year-old Bosnian has been arrested by Italian police in Northeastern Italy. The man, who was heading for Spain’s capital, hid a large arsenal of assault weapons in his car, El Pais reports.

The man was driving a rental vehicle with a Swiss licence plate and came from Slovenia. He was stopped after crossing the border in the town of Gorizia.

After the car was searched, the police found various assault weapons: Two Scorpio machine guns, six Kalashnikov assault rifles, a carbine, several precision scopes, several silencers, cartridges and projectiles.

The police also found two mobile phones and a receipt with the route to Barcelona written on it, police commander Alessandro Carboni said.

The Bosnian was arrested on charges of carrying assault weapons. All anti-terrorism departments have been informed to investigate the case as it was notified to Interpol.

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