Italian President: EU doesn’t meet expectations of the population

Italy’s President, Sergio Mattarella, has hit out at the EU amid a backdrop of rising Euroscepticism in his country.

Speaking at a State of the Union address in Florence, Mattarella said that the “wind of war is blowing” and “the building of Europe is shaking”.

The 76-year-old warned Eurocrats that “the European project has lost its ability to meet the expectations of large portions of the population,” and urged Brussels to lead with “irreversible unity” at the highest levels.

Mattarella also criticised Italian voters, which is never a good look, for “nurturing an illusion that their problems can be dealt with at only the national level,” after backing populist, anti-establishment parties in March’s election.

The President has given both the Five Star Movement and Lega 24 hours to form a coalition or face the prospect of a ‘caretaker government’ until fresh elections can be held.

If the two can form a coalition, it would be the first time a founding member of the EU has been led by populist, anti-EU politicians.

As we’ve always said, Brexit was just the beginning…

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