Italy’s Eurosceptic, anti-establishment election winners close to deal

In news that will send shockwaves through the European Union, it looks like a governing deal between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the anti-mass migration Lega is on.

Leaders Matteo Salvini from Lega and Luigi Di Maio from Five Star are working on a “Contract for the Government of Change” that includes a flat tax that could be as low as 15%.

As Mattia Diletti, a Professor at Sapienza University at Rome, laid out: “The Italian people want this government.

“They want to see something new, and I think (Italian President) Sergio Mattarella understands this.”

“We are writing history and we need a bit more time,” said Five Star’s Di Maio on Sunday.

A few days ago Salvini tweeted a photo of him in the negotiations, saying: “As promised, I work to the last to give a better to the .”

It is yet another example of groups opposed to EU centralisation and open borders being backed by voters not just in opposition, but into power. This one will really worry Brussels.

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