Jacob Rees-Mogg Absolutely OBLITERATES John Major’s Brexit Speech

John Major is not pulling his punches there he talks about ultra brexit opinion boxing the government in with its red lines and narrowing the options for the country when it comes to negotiations what do you say to them

he also makes this extraordinary claim that the country is being led against its will in in his speech I can find the exact quotation if  you want he’s saying that the deep divisions in our nation are more likely to be healed by breaks it freely approved by Parliament than a brexit forced through Parliament at the behest of a minority of convinced opponents of Europe

so he calls seventeen point four million people a minority of convinced opponents seventeen point four million is a very important number we had a democratic vote the decision has been taken and what he’s trying to do is overturn that that’s the whole point of what he’s saying and his speech is riddled with errors

it says things that are tendentious and bordering on the not factually accurate so I think we need to look at what he’s saying what his motivation is and I’ve got another speech of his I look back his speech from 1992 because bear in mind John Major for all his protestations has been a convinced pro-european he does say he obviously kept us out of the single currency for example

I said despite his protestations but what’s he say here he says we must stay in the Exchange Rate Mechanism because in his judgment is very bad judgment as it happens leaving it would be a betrayal of our future this moment and I tell you categorically that is not government policy within about 10 days we’d left he also said that he had already achieved far-reaching reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in 1992 so you have to look at the context of John Major’s speeches the fact that he gets it wrong he’s got it wrong in the past and he’s got it wrong again

his broad argument today was particularly about the business world saying that that many of them are saying we have to stay in the customs union or a single market and the conservative party of all parties he says should understand business and when it comes to our economy that is the way to keep it strong

that’s why I’m getting back to this 1992 speech because that was his argument in 1992 he was saying this is what’s in the interests of business John Mayer doesn’t know what’s in the interest of business he got it wrong then he followed a policy that destroyed business in the country ruined families with very high interest rates he’s once again pretending he knows what business wants and he knows what will make us poorer again that’s what he has been saying

He also says that what he calls ultra brexiteers have been wrong in nearly all that they’ve said during the referendum campaign he talks of course about the 350 million pounds a week promised to the NHS he talks about the idea that we that you would have to whistle for its money we’re handing over 40 billion pounds the idea that a trade deal could be done in an afternoon there are still things that people were promised and they may not see that they’re coming to fruition well let’s look at this

he says Japanese carmakers warned that they could close operations in Britain and he says that on the day that Toyota has announced an investment of 465 million pounds in Derbyshire so for every sententious statement made by the leave campaign were statements were made by the remain campaign

and you would expect your major a former prime minister to make a statesman like speech free of propaganda and cheap comments but in fact it’s all cheap comments in propaganda this isn’t a statesman like speech this is one of somebody grubbing around in the weeds for weak arguments and it’s a very poor speech in that regard

you can go through it and indeed I have and if we had time I’d happily and construed paragraph by paragraph to show quite how we contend interests it is what about the idea that in the end the type of breaks that we have and you know that this is incredibly contentious people don’t agree about what kind of breaks that were going for the Conservative Party isn’t agreed on this the country isn’t either the idea that Parliament this place that you’ve fought for the sovereignty of it that’s why you wanted to leave partly the European Union

why not say a free vote for MPs did John major give a free vote on Maastricht no I mean this is where he’s really of being a complete humbug he would argue brexit has far more ramifications in the long than the mustard you know Maastricht was a fundamental importance it tied us in to the European super-state that’s what it was about already in the EU this is leaving the European

But Maastricht is a fundamental change of course of much greater development it brings in Foreign Affairs Home Affairs it brings in the social chapter which had knocked ups then opted into he whipped that through in the most aggressive whipping in modern history and for that Prime Minister then to say that oh it should be a Free  vote is either forgetting how he behaved himself ignoring how he behaved himself or his straightforward hypocrisy

So how do we now find the compromises that will inevitably have to be made he is saying that we will have to compromise if we are to keep our economy strong because at the moment there is no agreement even within the cabinet about what kind of breaks did we have

well this is a further problem with his speech but every time there’s a compromise he says it’s a sellout so we’ve agreed to give some money to the European Union and he says that’s a sellout by the breaks of Tears

so when it’s compromised he wants it’s a compromise when it’s something the brexiteers  have agreed to give in the interests of getting a good relation with the EU it’s some dishonesty on their part

And I think this shows the fundamental flaw in the approach to his speech and I heard that last bit that was being broadcast before we came on he also hasn’t got his facts right that Turkey is in a customs union a customs union of the European Union and that doesn’t remove border controls

we had evidence to the exting the European Union Select Committee just a couple of weeks ago on exactly this point so I think you should go back do his homework and try and make a statesman like speech rather than one riddled with errors and humbug

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