Just 1 in 8 robberies end in someone being charged, latest stats show

This is the reality of police cuts in Britain: Last year just 1 in 8 robberies ended with someone being charged.

The latest Home Office statistics show a staggering 81,848 police investigations of muggings were shelved in the year ending September 2017 without the offender being found.

And the same is true of burglaries – 203,703 burglary investigations were put on hold in the year ending 2017, that’s compared to 153,742 in 2015.

This is what happens when police budgets and numbers are slashed. The number of police officers in England and Wales fell from 144,353 in 2009 to 122,859 in 2016.

A basic function of the state is to protect its own civilians. That simply isn’t happening. Criminals have been given free reign.

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