Kawczynski: We’re going to celebrate Trump’s visit and work hard to get a trade deal

Tory MP and Westmonster regular, Daniel Kawczynski, addressed a ‘Welcome Trump’ meeting hosted by the Bow Group in Parliament today.

“We are going to, during this event, just quietly, celebrate the visit of President Trump to our country,” he told the room.

“There are many people, Sadiq Khan is one of them, but there are many others, who wish to denigrate the visit of the President of the United States.

“But some of us understand the importance of America as our key strategic partner and as we pull out of the European Union, this relationship will be even more important both from a defence but also a trading prospect.

“Our bilateral trade with the United States is over £100 billion per annum and we will be working very hard to ensure there is a free trade deal with them as soon as possible.”

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