Kendall & Kylie Jenner SEXUAL RELATIONS with Travis Scott? (RUMOR PATROL)

Is rapper Travis Scott really saying he slept with both Jenner sisters? And, what’s the deal with the rumor that he’s married Kylie Jenner? We’ve got the truth right now on Rumor Patrol. This rumor is too much for me to handle. But, you know what? I know it’s not too much for you, or you. Is it true that Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Travis Scott have all been having relations with each other? And, also is it true that Kylie Jenner is married to Travis Scott? Which makes this a sister-wives situation. Locked up in a love triangle, although it wouldn’t be the first time after that Blac Chyna-Tyga-Kylie situation. This is Kylie’s second love triangle, if you think about it. If it’s true. Yeah, you know. So, Kendall Jenner, if you remember last year was slightly linked to Travis Scott, who is now supposedly dating Kylie, and when I say supposedly because it’s like pretty true because they’ve been caught all over the world together. Touching and grabbing, feeling it and canoodling.

Yeah, you know that? So, apparently Kendall is not upset about Kylie having her hand me downs. If, it’s true. I don’t know if Kendall actually ever dated him. I think they were just friends. Right because Kendall is actually, every time she’s seen with anyone, the websites go crazy. Like, recently, I think she’s been linked to A$ap Rocky and 5 other basketball players and she never confirms any of this information. We know that she’s not very public about her personal life hence why she’s cutting her ties with Keeping up with the Kardashians.

But, Hollywood Gossip is reporting that, Hollywood Gossip said this? Well, Hollywood Gossip’s reporting it but, they said that this information actually came from an outlet called News Hip-Hop which I’ve never heard of before. I’ve never heard of any of these things and I’m just, like, thinking what someone who would ever, this has never happened, if my sister and I dated the same person. Then, that man would probably be like, ‘They both crazy. I gots to go.’ Yeah, but, think about if somebody said ‘Oh, I like your sister because she has more to play with.’ That is so gross. It sounds really strange. It sounds very strange. Continue though, I’m curious what other morsels you have to share with us. Hollywood Gossip, they had some very creative writing- I’ve never heard of Hollywood Gossip before. Me either but, welcome to the party, uh, quote: Which I thought was so shady. That is shady, shady. Oh, oh! Like, we pulled the numbers on his last release and it was unfortunate because he had such a great career going for him, like, 5 years ago.

Continue. Alright. So. This is where it gets super juicy, the outlet continued to say that Scott’s real intention, Travis Scott not Scott Disick, I was so confused for a minute, cause, you know Scott Disick is rumored to be hooking up with all of them. Every one of them, including Bella Thorne and all of Justin Bieber’s exes, I can’t. No, no. Alright, so Travis Scott’s real intention’s apparently, is trading up to Kourtney Kardashian because his goal is, to go through the entire Kardashian family, which I think is the grossest thing. Ew to the ew! ‘Ew to the ew’ is right but, Jos, if you remember, he’s not the only man to share sexual relations with the Kardashians. Because, when I was thinking about this story I was having flashbacks to when The Game appeared on Wendy Williams and it gave me life. I remember this. Take a look at this. So, in conclusion, Game has been romantical with Khloe, Chyna, and Kim. In, in all chillness, in all love, it’s all love. Alright, so, this is after a very long explanation of him saying that Kendall and Kylie aren’t actual Kardashians so, we don’t know if he’s slept with them.

But, he’s had Blac Chyna, Kim, and Khloe, and Kourtney is the only one he hasn’t conquered and he did say no to Kris. This is in such poor taste. I’m sorry. I know we’re talking about it. But, I think it’s so disgusting and unsavory to speak of such things. And, I’m not even, like, a Southern Belle. I grew up in L.A., OK? So, I’m used to all this, like, trash talk. But, I can’t handle it anymore. Keep your lips shut. I think it comes with the territory of dating a rapper but, at the end of the day my problem is that the sisters that know. Like, Khloe was probably, like, ‘I know that he’s slept with Kim but, I’m still OK with it.’ If it’s even true. Cause if you have to say it. Did it actually happen? That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know, the drams. But, for Part 2 of this rumor, a lot of people are actually speculating that Travis Scott and Kylie are in so deep, that they actually had a secret ceremony which was a wedding.

I wanna see receipts. This was on the cover of Life & Style, which is crazy, they’re printing this as their cover story. And, they’re saying that they have details about Jenner and Scott’s alleged recent wedding at her Calabasas mansion. So, they say, quote: I don’t have anything to say about this. There’s no way this is true. Kylie Jenner is so busy. She doesn’t have time to get married. She’s running an empire. She does have time for storylines for her new reality show. She does, I’m very excited for ‘Life of Kylie’. They went on to say: Receipts, I wanna see receipts. Because, you know, when you get married. If it’s an actual legal wedding-your eyes. Ryland’s like, ‘I’m over this story.’ It’s public record, so, we should be able to find out if they’re actually married.

I agree. I guess only time can tell, but, for now Gossip Cop is debunking the rumor they say that they have a source close to the Jenners who say that it’s totally false. And, say that it’s a far fetched tale. And, then, they also said that they know somebody linked to Travis Scott who has said that this is completely untrue and they have not tied the knot. So, for this two part rumor, the first one is, how Kylie, Travis, and Kendall all blanked. This is, I think, false.


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