Khan to ban junk food ads on trains & buses, shirks violent crime epidemic

Sadiq Khan’s priorities are all over the place. There’s rampant violent crime on the capital’s streets, but he’s focusing on banning fast food adverts to combat child obesity…

The London Mayor is planning to ban junk food adverts on tubes and buses, claiming it’s “doing right by our young people” and will help reduce the strain on the health service.

He said: “If we don’t take bold steps against it we are not doing right by our young people as well as placing a huge strain on our already pressurised health service in years to come,” he said.

“It can’t be right that in a city as prosperous as London that where you live and the income you have can have a massive impact on whether you have access to healthy, nutritious food and your exposure to junk food advertising.

“I’m determined to do all I can to tackle this issue with the powers I have and help Londoners make healthy food choices for themselves and their families.”

Isn’t there a more obvious way of prioritising the health of young people and reducing the strain on the NHS? With youngsters being shot, stabbed and attacked with acid, you’d have thought that would be the number one priority.

This is just a classic case of a plastic politician shirking the difficult issues.

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