Knife criminals get average of just 7 months in prison

It’s emerged that knife thugs are being sentenced to an average of just 7-and-a-half months in prison and less than half even end up in prison at all – there literally isn’t a deterrent anymore.

No wonder knife crime is surging, hardened criminals know they simply won’t be punished for their actions.

Home Office statistics reportedly show just 7,628 of the 20,982 knife and weapon offences in 2017, including possession and making threats but not assault, led to immediate custody.

2,980 knife crimes taking place in London in the year to September 2017 – 2,452 more than the previous year.

One victim’s mother said: “Offenders are getting a slap on the wrist for carrying a knife and then they go on to commit murder.

“I see it again and again. There’s no justice, something has got to change now.”

It’s not rocket science’ if you remove the deterrent then people are going to freely walk around with knives. These thugs need to fear getting caught and locked up.

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