Lega perform strongly in local Italian elections, Five Star down

The latest set of local elections in Italy have seen Matteo Salvini’s anti-mass migration Lega perform strongly, with the Five Star Movement losing some of their momentum.

As Breitbart are reporting, Lega’s right-wing alliance actually made gains in a number of areas at the expense of Five Star, including in Imperia and Brindisi.

Italian media reported that Five Star had seen “largely disappointing results” as they didn’t win the Mayoral contest in Ivrea or either of two seats up in Rome they were expected to perform much better in.

It comes after Matteo Salvini’s doubling down on illegal migration, as he seeks to block the docking of migrant ships in the country, leaving their coalition partners playing catch-up.

Lega and Matteo Salvini have got big momentum. Brussels will be terrified.

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