May’s plea for support sparks rumours of another general election

Is Britain on the brink of a general election?

The Prime Minister has issued a rallying cry to the people of Britain, outlining what she wants from Brexit and urging the public to support her.

The theory is that May has been boosted by the local election results, has lost her majority in the Commons because of Tory Remoaners, Corbyn now looks weaker and uncertainty over Brexit is hanging over the economy.

May’s Facebook message is headlined: “Trust me, I’ll take back control — but I’ll need your help.”

She goes on to promise taking back control of laws, borders and money, get a better deal for UK farmers and fishermen, and then finished with: “I will need your help and support to get there. And in return, my pledge to you is simple: I will not let you down.”

 This all does look a bit like the start of a push towards a general election…

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