Merkel finally backtacks over EU migrant quotas

Angela Merkel has completely u-turned on her and the European Union’s plan to impose a mandatory quota of migrants on member states.

The German Chancellor recognises that rules about migration quotas can’t be imposed on sovereign European, according to reports.

“We must move towards a flexible solidarity system where everyone can contribute,” she says.

As chancellor I belong to the European Council, in which decisions always have to be taken unanimously. So the question of a majority decision is not relevant there. A solution on this subject will certainly have to be prepared in the European Council.”

Her climb-down comes after a long running battle with Visegrad countries who refused to play any part in her madness.

“[Germany] wanted migrants and we didn’t,” Hungarian firebrand Viktor Orbán said last year.

Opposition to mass migration has grown at every election over the past few years, with Italy and Slovenia becoming the latest to elect anti-mass migration parties.

Merkel admits that there is no political consensus for how to deal with the migrant crisis in the short term and that the EU can’t impose quotas on countries by qualified majority because ‘one can not impose on sovereign European states the presence on their soil of undesired individuals’, according to reports.

Merkel  appears to have come around to Soros’ way of thinking, in that the solution to the migration crisis is to spend billions on a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa.

“Today it is ineffective because development aid is not coordinated within the Union and does not create economic dynamism in these countries,” she says.

The EU has devised an alternative solution. They want to press ahead with a quota system, but charge each country €25,000 per migrant they refuse, to be paid to the country who does accept them.

According to Le Point, this could prove popular with some countries, as Victor Orbán has reportedly told EPP officials that he is willing to pay to not have to take in migrants.

The penny has finally dropped!

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