Orbán: George Soros wants to profit from ruining Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has hit out at George Soros in an explosive radio interview, accusing the billionaire of profiteering from the ‘ruination of the continent.’

During his weekly radio show, the Hungarian firebrand said that he is conducting his war against George Soros in the open.

Orbán said ‘Soros and his “army[‘s]” ideological motivation is a multicultural Europe’ and that ‘they do not like the traditions of Christian Europe’.

“They want to ruin Europe because they are hoping to make large profits in the process”, he said.

“That is just what financial speculators are like.”

The Prime Minister asserted that Hungary is “fine as we are” –  in terms of Christianity, language, culture and our way of life, as well as in terms of freedom of religion, the family and relations between men and women, a transcript on the government website said.

Orbán reiterated comments he had made earlier in the week that next year’s European elections will be fought on values and culture.

When asked his thoughts about recent elections across the continent, Orbán  said he saw the results as a positive because “tough guys have emerged in European politics.”

“Compared with the new leaders who have now spoken out, we are convivial gentlefolk,” he joked.

Mr Orbán also praised the Italian government’s policy of deporting hundreds of thousands of migrants.

“This is an idea which Hungary supports; and, while it is not specifically our affair, it is a common European affair, and therefore we support it.”

At least one European leader isn’t afraid to stand up for national identity.

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