Samantha Bee Has Now Lost a Whopping TWO-THIRDS of Advertisers – Truthfeed

While Samantha Bee wasn’t fired for her vile comments on Ivanka Trump, the washed-up comedian lost something even worse: advertisers.

Bee has lost a whopping two-thirds of her advertisers since calling the first-daughter a “feckless c*nt.”

It’ll only be a matter of time until Bee loses everything.

From The Daily Caller

Last week, Bee said on her TBS show “Full Frontal” that Ivanka Trump is a “feckless cunt” for not opposing her father’s policies on immigration and migrant children.

Bee apologized for the comments on her show Wednesday night but did not offer a direct apology to Ivanka Trump and seemed to blame the media for focusing so much on her “potty-mouth.”

According to Newsbusters, there were only six national advertisement spots on Wednesday night’s show, compared to 19 spots on the show last week (June 30).

This week’s show was mostly filled with advertisements for other TBS and TNT shows. The remaining six national advertisers included Playstation 4, Cascade, and upcoming movies like “Oceans 8” and the new “Jurassic World.”

Orkin, Snickers, Jim Beam, and other companies that advertised on the show last week were conspicuously absent this time around.

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