We don’t want to be governed by ‘losers in Brussels’ we voted to LEAVE!

In 2015, David Cameron was elected by a landslide on the manifesto to have a referendum on EU membership. He promised to enact Article 50, if we were to vote out of the European Union.

In 2016, in the largest voter turnout in UK history, the MAJORITY voted to leave the EU.

Mr. Cameron did not keep his promise of enacting Article 50, instead choosing to resign.

Theresa (and as some are now referring to her as, ‘Treason’) May was elected on a manifesto to leave the Customs Union, the European Court of Justice, and the Single Market in 2017.

We have now watched over the past two years as our government has tried, in what seems like their hardest, to push back against the will of the people. The fact it has been this long and we are still having to fight for what the referendum promised is a disgrace to democracy.

Today on Sky News’ All Out Politics, Nigel Farage, MEP and former UKIP leader, told former Conservative MP, Kenneth Clarke, what every one of the 17.4 million Brexit voters are thinking.

@Nigel_Farage: “The referendum wasn’t about economics. The referendum was about ‘Do we want to govern our own country, Yes or No?’. That is the fork in the road this government has been told to follow & at the moment they’re not doing it!”

Mr. Clarke claimed the the problems we are experiencing with immigration has nothing to do with being a part of the EU. However, he fails to recognise that it IS the EU demanding that we take millions of migrants from Muslim countries. It hasn’t been the hard working, majority Catholic, Polish migrants that are killing people and beheading soldiers in the streets of London.

Nigel stated it would be ‘a total sell-out’ if Britain agreed some kind of Single Market agreement with the EU in exchange for the continuation of free movement of people.

“We voted for independence, not to be ruled by losers in Brussels”

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