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how to choose your wedding dress

 start with research before stepping into any store try to get  an idea of what sort of styles and details you like simple and chic elaborate Haute Couture

check out your favorite bridal magazines blogs and Pinterest for inspiration these sources should also teach you the basic terms and phrases you’ll need to productively shop for your wedding dress

work out your body type if you’re not sure if you’re an apple pear rectangle inverted triangle or hourglass shaped this is a great time to find out dressing for your body shape will highlight your best bibs and help to D emphasize the parts that could use a little help

your gown should be determined by both your body shape as well as the tone and weather of your wedding the general rule of thumb is the more formal the wedding the longer the dress of course you’ll want lighter fabrics for the warmer months and thicker ones for the cooler periods

wedding dresses come in a wide variety of shapes ranging from form-fitting to billowy full princess styles and many more in between

think ahead once you’ve begun your research and before you’ve begun looking for dresses decide on the overall look you’re trying to achieve this is because once you’ve been looking at wedding dresses for weeks they can tend to all blur into one

create a list of descriptive words for you to use as you dress checklist such as embroidered romantic flowy and delicate decide on your budget this is extremely important not only for the dress itself but to help work out and balance the budget of the entire wedding most experts recommends that brides spend 5 to 10 percent on wedding attire which includes the groom’s outfit happy hunting ladies