Which 10 international conflicts or geopolitical tensions are currently making headlines and impacting global relations?

1. The ongoing conflict in Syria: The long-running civil war in Syria has seen the involvement of various international actors and has had a significant impact on global relations.

2. The Israel-Palestine conflict: The tensions between Israel and Palestine, particularly around issues like settlements and the status of Jerusalem, continue to impact global relations and garner international attention.

3. U.S.-China trade war: The trade tensions between the United States and China have been a major geopolitical issue, impacting global trade and economic relations.

4. The crisis in Afghanistan: The ongoing conflict and political instability in Afghanistan, including the withdrawal of U.S. troops, have widespread implications for regional security and global relations.

5. The tensions between North Korea and the United States: The nuclear ambitions of North Korea, coupled with the diplomatic and military tensions with the United States, have raised concerns about global security.

6. The conflict in Ukraine: The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, particularly the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, has strained Russia’s relations with Western countries and impacted global security dynamics.

7. The dispute over the South China Sea: The territorial disputes between China and several Southeast Asian countries over the South China Sea have raised concerns about regional stability and impacted international relations.

8. The Iran Nuclear Deal: The tensions surrounding the Iran nuclear deal, including the U.S.’s withdrawal and subsequent actions, have strained relations between Iran and the international community, particularly impacting the Middle East.

9. The ongoing crisis in Yemen: The conflict in Yemen, involving various internal and external actors, has led to a humanitarian crisis and has implications for regional stability and global relations.

10. The Kashmir conflict: The long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan over the region of Kashmir remains a significant flashpoint, affecting relations between the two countries and impacting regional stability.

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