Which 10 international humanitarian crises or natural disasters have recently required urgent global assistance and support?

1. Rohingya Crisis: The persecution and displacement of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to Bangladesh since 2017 has led to a massive humanitarian crisis, requiring urgent global assistance.

2. Syrian Civil War: Ongoing since 2011, the Syrian conflict has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises, with millions of people displaced and in need of international support.

3. Yemen Humanitarian Crisis: The ongoing civil war in Yemen, combined with a severe economic collapse, has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation, including widespread malnutrition and a lack of access to medical care.

4. Venezuelan Crisis: Venezuela has been experiencing an economic and political crisis for several years, leading to mass displacement and the collapse of basic services, requiring global assistance.

5. East Africa Drought: Recurring droughts have devastated regions of East Africa, particularly in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, resulting in severe food shortages and nutrition crises, demanding international support.

6. Mozambique Cyclones: In 2019, Mozambique was hit by two devastating cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, leading to widespread destruction, displacement, and a need for urgent global assistance.

7. Central African Republic Crisis: The ongoing conflict in Central African Republic has caused widespread displacement, violence, and a critical humanitarian situation, necessitating international support.

8. Ebola Outbreaks: Outbreaks of the deadly Ebola virus in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo have required urgent global assistance to contain the disease, treat affected individuals, and prevent its spread.

9. Afghanistan Conflict: The ongoing conflict and political instability in Afghanistan have resulted in a protracted humanitarian crisis, including displacement, lack of access to healthcare and education, and the need for international support.

10. Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh: In May 2020, Cyclone Amphan caused extensive damage in India and Bangladesh, resulting in significant loss of life, destruction of infrastructure, and the need for emergency assistance from the global community.

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